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There are many ways to store your data, so what are the advantages of using a Database Management System (DBMS) like SparkleDB?

Data independence

A DBMS provides an abstract view of data in such a manner that applications are independent from how the data is physically stored.

Efficient data access

A DBMS has advantageous techniques that leverages I/O throughput.

Data integrity and security

A DBMS enforces integrity constraints on the data, thus preventing erroneous data. Also, a DBMS enforces access controls that govern what data is visible to a user, role, or group of users.

Data administration

Centralized administration enables experienced DBMS administrators to manage data, tune the DBMS in accordance to its usage, and minimize data redundancy.

Concurrent access and crash recovery

A DBMS enables concurrent accesses to data, thus two concurrent actions will not influence each other. Further, the DBMS has built-in fault tolerance and fault isolation that prevent further propagation of eventual failures or erroneous data.