Revolutionary database system.
Big Data problem solved.

Horizontally scalable. Performance-critical. Transactional. No single point of failure. Semantic data model & query language. Persistent or in-memory database.

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BIG DATA Problem Solved!

  • Increase your competitive advantage and power your business by extracting economic value from large data sets.
  • Manage virtually unlimited amounts of data.
  • Leverage business operation decision making by gaining more domain knowledge.
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Scale autonomously

  • Automatic sharding.
  • Simple to add more database server nodes as you grow.
  • One logical database system can consist of many physical database server nodes.

High-performance computing

  • Real-time data.
  • Decrease business decision-making time.
  • Improve your knowledge workers’ performance.

Find the GOLD in your data!

  • Increase your capacity for using data to improve business profitability.
  • SPARQL is an international standard that makes writing complex data queries easy.
  • Find the data that matter with the world's most powerful declarative query language.

Simplify the information integration process

  • Align your data with current business requirements.
  • Easily adapt to changing business requirements.
  • Gain unified access to information with a simplified infrastructure.
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High availability

  • No single point of failure.
  • Data replication enables fault tolerance and improves reliability and accessibility.
  • Durability features prevent further propagation of failures.


  • Full data encryption with TLS/SSL.
  • Protect your sensitive data with ease.
  • Comfortably give access to the people and groups whom you trust.
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